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Industry Status

In recent years, Chinas construction level has greatly improved, environmental protection, green projects continue to increase. Traditional clay tiles because of the destruction of resources, pollution of the environment, has been unable to meet the requirements of the times. Therefore, as a substit...

policy Analysis

In 1995, the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation Bureau to make the production of raw materials in the production of not less than 30% of coal gangue, stone coal, fly ash, coal-fired boiler slag of building materials products free value-added tax Provisions. On July 5, 1997, th...


(GYZ series of multi-functional brick machine) 1, the machine uses automatic control and manual control combined, set mechanical, hydraulic control system, can play the best work efficiency of the machine. 2, the body using high-strength steel and exquisite welding technology manufacturing; widely u...

production line

The brick-making machine adopts industrial solid-state waste production concrete hollow brick block, pavement brick and so on, so as to avoid steaming, no burning technology, high efficiency, simple operation, mechanization, high degree of automation, before and after the process phase, with process...

Dongchen Machinery

Gaomi City, Shandong Province, Dong Chen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a market research, design and development, manufacturing, product sales, installation commissioning, engineering services as one of the integrated high-tech enterprises. It is mainly engaged in industrial research and development of rubber tire rims, new green wall materials and building roofing materials. It is also engaged in the process of rim forming process, multi-material hollow block forming process, color cement tile forming and surface treatment technology. The domestic advanced level. Companies with its strong technical background as the basis, and constantly developed with the domestic advanced level of new technologies, new equipment and new products. Over the past few years the company in the building materials machinery closely related to the forefront of international technology, the successful use of extrusion molding process GYW series of color cement tile production line complete sets of equ......

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  • QT4-15A block making machine
  • QT4-15B block brick machine
  • QT5-15B block making machine
  • QT5-15A block making machine
  • QT10/8-15A block forming machin
  • QTF3-20 color floor tile machin
  • QTF6-15 block making machine
  • QTJ4-25 block making machine
  • QTJ4-26 block making machine
  • QTJ4-35 block making machine

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